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The closest YogurTree from home for us, the critics, opened just a couple of months ago in Rowland Heights. It is located on Fullerton Rd. and Colima. YogurTree's yogurt has often been compared to Pinkberry's, and has won over the hearts of many customers. They give a generous portion for less than the price of Pinkberry's; and better yet, no crazy crowd to beat. YogurTree offers about 6 different flavors of non-fat yogurt. They've got plain tart, plain gourmet, mango, green tea, and soy! I haven't actually had the chance to try the soy yogurt, but I've heard it tastes just like the original for vegans. The yogurt has the perfection combination of tart and creamy. My personal favorite was the yopresso (yogurt + a shot of espresso). Very clever. Another bonus, for the music lovers out there, YogurTree has an iPod docking station to listen to your own iPod as you enjoy their yogurt!

Yogurt and Prices:

Plain Tart, Gourmet, and Flavored Yogurt(no toppings/3 toppings)
-- Small ($2.49 / $3.99)
-- Medium ($3.49 / $4.99)
-- Large ($5.99 / $7.49)

Soy Yogurt (no toppings/3 toppings)
-- Small ($2.99 / $4.49)
-- Medium ($3.99 / $5.49)
-- Large ($6.49 / $7.99)

Yopresso -- Single Shot (+$0.99), Double Shot (+$1.49)
Toppings -- +$0.99 for each extra topping

Small Gourmet Yopresso, single shot -- $3.49


The environment is meant to be more fun than other yogurt shops. They were bold enough to try new colors rather than most yogurt shops who use the pale pinks and greens to offer a calm and soothing environment. I personally don't agree with their choice of colors for the decor. The inside isn't very spacious but they do offer outdoor seating which most of their customers prefer.


Yogurt -- 9/10
Prices -- 9/10
Environment -- 8/10
Overall Rating -- 8.7/10

This new yogurt shop has become a favorite for many and there are 2 other locations in Southern California, Studio City and Woodland Hills. I hope this place expands quickly so I can stop by wherever I am.

For more info, check out their website www.yogurtree.com

Cherry On Top

Sunday, April 06, 2008 by The Frozen Yogurt Review

Cherry On Top is a fairly new frozen yogurt shop. They currently have 7 stores located in California and 4 more are on their way. Cherry On Top is one of few yogurt shops that is self-serve.

The Yogurt

There are 10 different flavors of frozen yogurt at Cherry On Top. There is strawberry, raspberry, plain, green tea, vanilla, cheesecake, mango, peach tart, chocolate, and blueberry tart. The best way to describe their yogurt is that it is Cefiore meets Yogurtland. The yogurt has a tangy and sour taste, but has a creamy texture to its yogurt. The yogurt does not melt as fast as Yogurtland's yogurt and it has a sweeter taste than Cefiore's yogurt. Just like every other frozen yogurt shop, they have various types of toppings of fresh fruit, granola, cereal, rice cake, and other fan favorites.

The Price

39 cents per ounce. You get what you pay for (literally).

The Environment

Cherry On Top is not widely popular as it is a new shop. There are no big crowds, which is a bonus for the frozen yogurt fanatics out there. Just like most frozen yogurt shops, Cherry On Top has unique and eccentric designs inside the shop to lure customers. They play upbeat, contemporary songs and they even have a television so that people can watch shows, if they decide to stay awhile and relax.

Yogurt: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Environment: 8/10
Overall Rating: 9.3/10
Cherry On Top offers great tasting frozen yogurt and a great price. It may not be popular as popular as Pinkberry, Yogurtland, or Cefiore, but in a few months they just might catch up to these power houses. With ogurt at 39 cents an ounce and being able to mix and match various toppings and flavors, this has to be a haven for yogurt frenzied customers.

For more info about Cherry on Top, check out their website http://www.cherryontopyogurt.com/


Saturday, March 29, 2008 by The Frozen Yogurt Review

Noh-Wah Yogurt is a small yogurt shop located in La Habra, CA on the corner of Beach Blvd. and Imperial Hwy. The name means "Food of Heaven" allowing their customers to enjoy their product with no guilt. Like most yogurt shops, this store also offers a variety of smoothies, coffee, sandwiches, etc. Noh-Wah always has the original plain yogurt available and offers different flavors each week. The price for the original and flavored yogurts differ, however they are very reasonably priced. The yogurt is both tart and sweet with almost perfect portions for each size. The toppings consist of the typical dry or fruit toppings like most frozen yogurt places. The environment is very relaxed because this is a typically new yogurt shop. Noh-Wah is beginning to attract a lot more attention from people who feel that places like Yogurtland or Pinkberry is too far.

Original Plain

(flavored yogurts change on a weekly basis)

Small Strawberry (no toppings) $3.50

Small Mango (no toppings) $3.50

Prices (yogurt only):
Original --
Small $2.50
Medium $3.50
Large $5.75

Flavor of the Day --
Small $3.50
Medium $3.50
Large $6.95

Toppings --
1 Topping $0.95
2 Toppings $1.45
3 Toppings $1.75

Taste -- 8.5/10
Price -- 8/10
Environment -- 9/10

Overall Rating --8.5/10

We predict that Noh-Wah will become far more popular in the near future because of the great location and delicious yogurt at affordable prices.

The link to their website is http://nohwah.com/


Sunday, March 23, 2008 by The Frozen Yogurt Review
Yogurtland 1

This week we ventured off to the Yogurtland in Orange County, which is right next to Cal State Fullerton. Yogurtland is the first self-serve frozen yogurt shop in the nation. Pretty much you get as much as you want and everything you want in your yogurt. It definitely is a hot spot for the college students of Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton Junior College. It is also a prime destination for yogurt frenzy high school students that are nearby such as Troy, Fullerton High school, and Sunny Hills.

The Yogurt Flavors
Yogurtland boasts of having 16 different non-fat frozen yogurt flavors in their shop accompanied by 33 different types of fresh fruits and other toppings. Since it is self-serve, you can mix and match flavors and toppings to your preference. There are no limitations to the combinations you can create with all the various flavors and toppings. However, some mixes should be avoided, like adding all 16 flavors in one cup(it's just not a good idea and it would taste really weird).

The frozen yogurt taste of Yogurtland is not like Pinkberry and Cefiore, which has a sweet and tangy flavor to their frozen yogurts. Yogurtland's yogurts taste more like ice cream and does not have a sour and tangy taste at the end unless you get one of the tart flavors, but even the tart flavors are not as tangy and sour as Pinkberry's yogurts.

Well for you health buffs out there, we have the nutritional facts that they posted inside their store.

Nutritional Information (per ounce)
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0m
Sodium 12.5m
Calories 18g (average)
Sugars 4g
Carb 5.25g

They also posted a sign that states their yogurt's health benefits.

Health Benefits
1. Boost immune system
2. Lowers cholesterol & increase metabolism
3. Builds clear skin & help prevent acne
4. Help overcome lactose intolerance
5. High in calcium, protein, potassium

You have a choice of either getting the medium cup or the large cup when you enter Yogurtland. Regardless of the cup size, the price is 30 cents an ounce after you have filled your desired amount of yogurt and toppings. You basically get what you pay for. If you add a lot of toppings with the mixture of different yogurt flavors, you're likely going to end up paying around 5-7 dollars or even more. However, on average, if you get a moderate amount of yogurt and toppings, it can range anywhere from 1-4 dollars.

Just like Pinkberry and Cefiore, Yogurtland is a desired place for the younger crowd to go to and enjoy frozen yogurt. Yogurtland offers free wi-fi connection, which attracts college students since many college students carry their laptops wherever they go. There are only a few tables inside, so those who are fortunate enough, get to enjoy their yogurt inside, while others will have to sit outside or somewhere else. Yogurtland gets packed during the weekends, especially at night. You can see a long line of people waiting for their turn to self-serve themselves to a special treat. Yogurtland benefits from being next to Chipotle and Pick Up Stix, because after people have eaten their lunch or dinner, they can opt for a healthy dessert afterwards since it is only a few steps away. We were unable to take pictures inside of Yogurtland because they have a no camera policy like Pinkberry.

The frozen yogurts: 6/10
Price: 10/10
Environment: 10/10
Overall Rating: 8.7/10

Yogurtland is definitely innovative for being the first self-served frozen yogurt shop. At 30 cents an ounce, the price is great. You ultimately dictate how much yogurt you want and what you want in it. You get what you pay for and that is why people constantly come back to Yogurtland. Though the frozen yogurts itself does not taste that great, it offers a different approach on how people should have their yogurt. You can mix and match flavors, add as much toppings as you want, and there are no servers that are measuring your yogurt on a scale to make sure they did not give you over the amount you are paying for. You choose and put your flavors in the cup, add the toppings, put it on the scale, and then pay for your yogurt at 30 cents an ounce and enjoy it.

Check out the listings on their website to see if there is a Yogurtland near you http://yogurt-land.com/


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CeFiore is also a chain of frozen yogurt companies, started in 2006 all over Southern California, and slowly growing throughout California and other areas of the nation. Although, not as popular as Pinkberry, the quality of the yogurt is delicious. As well as there yogurt, CeFiore also offers a variety of smooties, coffee, shaved ice, and teas.

Yogurt Flavors:




Green Tea


Prices and Sizes:

5 oz Kids -- Original $2.50; Flavored $3.00

7 oz Single -- Original $3.25; Flavored $3.50

10 oz Double --Original $4.25; Flavored $4.75

13 oz Family -- Original $5.75; Flavored $6.25

***One Topping (fruit or dry): $0.95/topping

Other Products:

Snow Ice


Organic Coffee


Organic Tea

Taste of Yogurt -- 8/10
Prices -- 7/10
Environment -- 9/10
Presentation -- 8/10

Overall Rating -- 8/10

Locations (in CA):
  • Arcadia
  • Buena Park

  • Carson

  • Claremont

  • Chino Hills
  • Downtown LA

  • Encino

  • Fullerton

  • Huntington Beach

  • Hollywood

  • La Crescenta

  • Monterey Park

  • Newport Beach

  • North Hollywood

  • Rowland Heights
  • Santa Monica

  • West Hollywood

Coming Soon!
  • Fresno, CA

  • Brea, CA

  • Corona Del Mar, CA

  • Manhatten Beach, CA

For more information about CeFiore, please visit www.cefiore.com


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Where else would we start our first yogurt review other than Pinkberry? Pinkberry started the yogurt frenzy and is still considered the most popular yogurt shop around.

We will discuss and critique three aspects of each yogurt shop. The yogurt(s) itself, the price, and the environment setting on each shop. So let's review Pinkberry!

The Yogurt(s)

Pinkberry serves three different frozen yogurt flavors: original, green tea, and coffee. They are served in three sizes: small(5 oz), medium(8oz), and large(13oz). With request, fruit toppings and dried toppings are added on top of the yogurt. Pinkberry's fruit toppings are strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, banana, kiwi, mango, and pineapple. Their dried toppings consists of almonds, carob chips, chestnuts , chocolate chips, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, coconut, mochi (rice cakes), yogurt chips, cookies 'n cream, granola, and Cap'n Crunch.

The original flavor tastes like real yogurt, with a sour and tangy taste. The green tea flavor is not as sweet as the original, but still has the same sour taste as yogurt. The newest flavor (coffee) has a unique taste to it, as it tastes sweet at first, but has an eccentric bitter after taste in the end.

Pinkberry also offers other products than just frozen yogurt. They also offer shaved ice and smoothies that are made with the frozen yogurts and are mixed with fruit.

Well here are the prices for the frozen yogurts and other goods from Pinkberry.

Original Yogurt
Small $2.50; +$0.95 each topping
Medium $3.50; 3 toppings $4.95
Large $5.50; 3 toppings $6.95

Green Tea/Coffee
Small $3.50; $+0.95 each topping
Medium $4.50; 3 toppings $5.95
Large $6.50; 3 toppings $7.95

Shaved Ice
Fresh Fruit $7.25
Green Tea $6.50

Pinkberry $4.50
Green Tea $4.50

When you first step into Pinkberry, you would think that you are in European type of club with upbeat music. The store gives off a designer environment with Philippe Starck furniture and Le Klin lighting that are from Italy. Young Lee(co-founder/co-owner of Pinkberry) is credited for setting this design in every Pinkberry shop. Young Lee states this about the unique design of Pinkberry, "The shops are designed to kindle the senses. From the swirls of Pinkberry come the Le Klint inspired lighting lamps. Pebble floors balance the contemporary style and bring us back to nature. The ghost chairs, open space, and palette provide a sense of welcome lightness."
With a hip environment setting and upbeat music playing, it isn't a surprise that Pinkberry is highly coveted by teenagers, college students, and young adults.
Due to Pinkberry's policies, we weren't able to take pictures inside the store. Pinkberry is concerned that other competitors might take pictures to steal or modify the design of Pinkberry's and implement as their own.
The frozen yogurt(s) 8/10
Prices 7/10
Environment 10/10
Overall rating 8.3 /10
Pinkberry is known as the yogurt shop with "the taste that launched a 1,000 parking tickets". You will never see Pinkberry empty on afternoons and/or night, rain or shine. People keep coming back over and over again. Some people refer to Pinkberry's yogurt as "Crackberry" as it is highly addicting. Price is a bit high, but people don't seem to care as they are enamored by its taste and supposed health benificiaries. Pinkberry's interior design makes it a lofty place to hangout at with friends, family, or colleagues. Not only do you get to enjoy the frozen yogurt, but you can have camaraderie as well, if there are seats available of course.Overall, there is no surprise to the lucrative success of Pinkberry. It definitely has become a cultural phenomenon. If you haven't tried Pinkberry yet, go to the nearest one and see what the craze is about. Check out the official website http://www.pinkberry.com/. They even have their own jingle! Thank you for reading, and we will post another review next week as we venture off to another yogurt shop.

The History of Frozen Yogurt

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The first thing people think about when it comes to frozen yogurt is Pinkberry. Pinkberry has become a cultural phenomenon in the past three years. It has become a catalyst for the uprising of numerous different yogurt shops in Southern California and New York.

Frozen yogurt was actually a fad back in the 80's and the early 90's. People were in love with the alternative taste to ice cream due to the fact it was lower in calories and had some health benefits. However, as more reduced fat ice-creams appeared in the mid 90’s, the sales and popularity of frozen yogurt plummeted.

That all changed in 2005. Shelly Hwang and Young Lee originally wanted to open an English teahouse, but were denied permits to open one. They quickly decided to open up a shop that would revive the 80's yogurt frenzy. They opened their first Pinkberry yogurt store in January 2005. After one month, profits were already reeling in. People were soon driving across town and standing in line for up to 20 to 30 minutes to get their fix of "the taste that launched 1,000 parking tickets". The second store opened in September of 2006, and since then, stores have been springing up all over Southern California and also branches in New York.

As Pinkberry found lucrative success, competitors were forming from left to right as the yogurt fad exploded into new heights. Kiwiberry, Cefiore, Berri Good, and Snowberry are just some of the yogurt shops that try to imitate Pinkberry’s yogurts and designs of its stores and logos. All of the yogurt shops that came after Pinkberry claim that they are not rip-offs of Pinkberry and exclaim that their yogurt’s tastes and environment offers something different than that of Pinkberry’s.

Frozen yogurt’s rebirth appears to be an outgrowth of American’s obsession with food that offers health benefits. It seems that this cultural phenomenon of frozen yogurt has just breached the surface. Do not be surprised to see a yogurt shop in every corner or plaza in the near future. Matter of fact, they may already be there or in the process of opening one.


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Welcome to the Frozen Yogurt Review blog. This is the number one stop to find out about the newest dessert craze today. More and more people are enamored by the taste of frozen yogurt and the popularity of it is undeniable. We will have a post on the history of frozen yogurt coming very soon. Also, in the upcoming weeks we will be venturing off to various frozen yogurt spots and give reviews on the frozen yogurt, the environment setting, and prices and give each store an overall rating. We will have pictures and videos for display so that you, the readers, will have visuals so that it may convince you guys to get some frozen yogurts yourselves! That's it for now, and I hope you guys come back each week to see the reviews.
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